Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's Happening in New Hampshire? A Recap On Today's Marriage Equality Revote.

To make a long story short - New Hampshire marriage equality bill passed the Senate and the House, it arrived at Gov. Lynch's desk but he said, "Nah, I need more protections for the religious," which was a bit ridiculous because those protections were already there . . .

But anyway, it went back to the Senate which approved of the changes the governor wanted and then - the House said, "NO!"

Everyone thought, "Well, that's dead."

But nope. The House and the Senate agreed to discuss a compromise on the religious exclusion language in a committee, where most bills die, but New Hampshire REALLY wants marriage equality, so amazingly (and kudos to the legislature!) they actually came up with a compromise.

Even more amazing, Gov. Lynch said if it made it to his desk, he'd sign it.

So TODAY, the House and Senate vote AGAIN on the bill with the new language, with a rally going on outside the capitol AS I TYPE THIS. Read live updates at

Even better, yesterday there was a special election for an empty House seat and Andy White, who supports marriage equality, defeated his Republican opponent! That's one more vote for us!

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