Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gay Dads Get a Lift at Ikea

Since I really want to be a dad, I felt compelled to repost this from Bilerico Project's Dana Rudolph. It made me laugh but in a great way - a gleeful laugh of, "Oh wow, we're so commonplace now!"

One more reason I love IKEA. Actual photo from the IKEA in Stoughton, Mass. (Slight color correction, but otherwise not Photoshopped.)

And yes, there was another elevator next to it with a "man" and a "woman" and a child—or at least that's what I assume it was intended to be. One of the figures was in a dress. Interpret it as you will. (And I know this crowd will.) That seemed less extraordinary, however, and since my son was dragging me away for meatballs, I didn't grab a photo.

One other item to note. Dana made a fan out of me with her comment, "Interpret as you will," in her reference to the other elevator with a figure in a dress. This is such an amazing awareness of our trans population whom I feel gets overlooked too much in our community.

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