Friday, June 5, 2009

NY Senate Majority Leader: Not Enough Votes for Marriage Equality

Despite all the theatrics, New York State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, who supports marriage equality, is sticking to the one point he's been making since Gov. David Paterson introduced the state's marriage equality bill: he will not bring the bill to a vote unless he has the support to pass it, and he claims he does not.

Despite sponsor Sen. Tom Duane's declaration that he has the votes, Smith says otherwise and referred to NY1's senate poll that stated 28 senators were against, 10 undecided and 4 not stating.

During a news conference yesterday Smith pointed to the NY1 tally to back up his claims that the votes are not there. (See Video)

"I watch NY1," said Smith. "I trust those numbers."

"What about your own internal numbers?" responded NY1 Political reporter Josh Robin. "Senator Tom Duane, your colleague, says he has 32-plus."

"I have been steadfast in my position and I will repeat it again. I don't have 32 votes," answered Smith.

There's only nine days left before the Senate adjourns.

ACTION: Contact Sen. Malcolm Smith and urge him to let the senate do a conscientious vote, otherwise known a non-party line vote, a rare but not unprecedented occurrence in New York state.


  1. Mr. Smith take a leap of faith and just vote. If Mr. Duane says he's got go for it.

  2. Hear hear! I don't understand his logic. If we don't vote, then we lose. If we DO vote and lose, then well, we lose. But if we DO vote and win, then . . . WE WIN!!