Wednesday, June 3, 2009

UPDATE: Gov Signs Bill! New Hampshire Has Marriage Equality!

UPDATE 2: Gov. Lynch signs the marriage equality bill, calling today a “great day for all New Hampshire families.” See Video of signing.

UPDATE: Gov. Lynch is to sign the bill today at 5:15pm EST, making New Hampshire the sixth state in the country to have marriage equality!

The House, which initially rejected the marriage equality bill with Gov. Lynch's religion exclusion language, has just passed it 198 to 176!! The Senate passed the bill earlier today.

Now it goes to the governor to sign. He has already promised to sign it with the language the House and Senate settled on in an compromise, which included his religious protections.

More news coming! See Blue Hampshire for more.

For a recap to clear the confusion on what's been happening in New Hampshire, read my earlier post.

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