Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Than 100 Faith Leaders in DC Stand Up for Marriage Equality

Amazing. This is in sharp contrast to the protests by other local pastors claiming that they spoke for all faith leaders and churches in the DC area when they said they were against marriage equality.

From News8:
The pastors, mostly from African American churches, wanted a referendum reversing the D.C. council vote recognizing same-sex unions from other states. The latest protest, pastors from a range of denomination, support same sex marriage and say civil rights should not be put to a vote.

"God is love and love is for everyone," said Rev. Dennis and Christine Wiley, Covenant Baptist Church.


They are also challenging the notion that the African American community is united again same-sex marriage. "Because those of us who have been oppressed ought to be the last ones to oppress," said Wiley.

This is also a good reminder to the LGBT population to not group people of faith together in one lump category of "opposition." Not all people of faith believe we're evil perverts bent on ruining the foundation of society. Some believe that marriage is a union of the souls and that gender doesn't matter.


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  1. Much love to our good faithful supporters of marriage equality in DC. We're offering the same witness here in California.
    Kerry Chaplin
    CA Faith for Equality