Tuesday, June 2, 2009

President Obama Commemorates 40th Anniversary of Stonewall, Birth of LGBT Rights Movement

President Obama issued the following LGBT Pride Month proclamation late yesterday afternoon on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Stonewall:

Obama Declares June LGBT Pride Month

Well, the President has finally acknowledged us and reiterated his support for our equality. It's no secret that I've been rather upset with the President, especially due to our many advances in marriage equality without a peep coming out of him, not even about our general equality which he said he supported in his campaign.

So, he's finally said it. And though I'm honored that he's addressed us and officially made June LGBT Pride Month (though it already was), I'm still left scratching my head.

There's still no mention of the advances in marriage equality in the numerous states since he's taken office, nor did he address the Prop 8 ruling and the fact he NEVER supported it, though the Yes on 8 people tried to make it seem he did. He also didn't mention when he planned on addressing the inequality still existing in our laws towards the LGBT population.

Even more striking - he reiterated his support for civil unions, the same day that crazy-shot, gun wielding, torture-loving, ol' GOP leader Dick Cheney expressed his support for marriage equality, albeit at the state level (but still!). I wonder if he realizes that civil unions are so nine years ago, and that though we're grateful for the crumbs he's offering, we're not going to settle for them.

We want the full meal. And we deserve it. We pay taxes. Give us the benefits.

But despite all this, I'm grateful. I asked for some acknowledgment of our existence, and I got it. He acknowledged our contribution to history and his current administration and reiterated his support for our equality. Well, his definition of equality. (Ironic that the first African American president in history uses the separate but equal argument to support his stance.)

So is it wrong for me to ask when? What's his plan? When am I going to see results? Am I acting like a brat because I'm asking? Am I disregarding the state of the economy and the wars and . . . well, you know the rest.

I think not. When you're a second-class citizen, you should never stop asking. Because as Martin Luther King said, "Wait almost always means never."

Read Secretary of State Clinton's proclamation.

Read another great perspective, "Nitpicking Obama's Pride proclamation" by Bill Browning at Bilerico Project.


  1. Our Pres is an expert at saying nothing very nicely. What a bunch of useless platitudes. Is it better than his absurd silence? Perhaps. But I'm hardly impressed.

    The ironies pile up, don't they? This pablum released the same day Dick Freaking Cheney comes out in support of equal marriage rights at the state level!? The president whose parents couldn't have been married in 17 of those states failing to support even that level of marriage equality?! Sheesh. I'm frankly more disappointed than I was when he kept his mouth shut.

  2. If he really cared he would do something!He has had at least 4 overt opportunities to take action!1.When Out Bishop Gene Robinson was invite to opening ceremony(a little bit) but some how the timing got messed up so he did appear on the live broadcast? 2. Then there is Doma? He didn't know what his justice department was Doing when supporting the doma doctrine? 3. Don't ask don't tell! He can't step up for the gay folks serving the country?He obviously gets the idea if you give the people a little bit of what they want in protest they won't rise up completely!I know there is a fourth one ??He speaks well and if your gay you believed he was looking out for you finely!!! NOT SO!It's very disappointing that he is unwilling to up hold the civil rights of the lgbtq community!