Sunday, May 31, 2009

VIDEO: CA Statewide Leadership Summit for Marriage Equality - Live Stream

Thanks to those who tuned into view the live streaming of the Leadership Summit in Fresno, CA - the day after Meet in the Middle. Its purpose was to discuss the next steps for the marriage equality movement in California.

Full article with pictures coming soon!

Unite the Fight was only given hours notice to prepare, so as a result, it was done through our Qik Channel, which used iPhones to stream live through the 3G cellular network. Though this proved very effective for Meet in the Middle (you can see those videos at Qik.), this time it was slow and managed for just almost an hour, thus choppy.

However, not long after the network went kaput, they asked all press and friendly bloggers like me to stop recording anyway (sensitive information discussed at the meeting - full story in article tomorrow).

You can watch the recordings here:


For updates during live feeds, following me on Twitter.


  1. Good job opening the meeting to the web, and I wish you had made the right decision from the start and really engaged more of the LGBT community to watch and listen in.

    PLEASE learn from the closeted mistakes of the NO ON 8 executive committee and don't repeat the mistakes.

  2. Its not live yet.. where can i watch it?

  3. On my PC, I get a few minutes of herky-jerky sound and image, then it all stops, so the big circular arrow in the middle of the screen can spin. Just trying to watch and listen to what is happening in Fresno.

  4. I'm sure this was worth watching but with all your technical problems I guess I'll miss it.

  5. Sorry guys. It's the G3 network. This was a very last minute coverage, and we're doing it through iPhones.

    After our successful coverage of Meet in the Middle yesterday, Karma is balancing it out with this feed.

    HOWEVER - it is recording. Hopefully Qik (the app providing the live feed) will keep the feed so I can post it later.

  6. ohhh, i'm so impressed, sensitive info that only those in the hotel room get to hear about it.
    us poor clucks not in fresno are kept out of the loop, and you organizers create a separate and unequal group of gays - those in your room. instead of just sharing the info with all of us, you pull curtains over the process, just like the NO ON 8 exec committee.

    your excuses for not being prepared for streaming on sunday shows courage campaign and rick jacobs are NOT committed to doing it different and better than geoff kors.

    what a shame.

  7. Hey, Michael. Instead of yapping about it, why didn't you get your ass to Fresno and attend yourself?

    There were two large cameras that chronicled this entire meeting. I'm guessing they will go to edit then be released for viewing. So, the live feed didn't go so great, but at least they tried! Thanks everyone.