Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anti-Gay NY Sen. Diaz Tells Pro-Gay Sen. Duane to "Shut Up." Response - "LOL"

The other day, Sen. Tom Duane held a press conference stating that he had wrangled enough votes to pass New York's marriage equality bill, but a NY1 polling of the senators the next day proved otherwise.

Staunch opponent to anything gay, the ridiculous Sen. Ruben Diaz issued the following press release yesterday:
"If Senator Tom Duane has the necessary Senate votes to pass the homosexual marriage bill in New York State, then he should release the names of those Senators who are supporting the bill. If not, he should shut up.

"If any member of the State Senate is so ashamed to have their names released or to release their own names for this or for any pending legislation, then they clearly feel ashamed of their position."

"If any Senators are unwilling to release their names prior to voting for the homosexual marriage bill, they are sending a clear message to the gay community and to the whole State of New York that these Senators are unwilling to let the public know and that they are ashamed to be publicly associated with the gay community."

"Any Senator who commits himself or herself to something, should be man or woman enough to take a stand and stand by his or her convictions. If they give their word to support something that they are ashamed of, then that is a hypocrisy, and could be interpreted as not wanting to be associated with the matter."

"It is a disgrace that Senator Duane is playing this mind game with his colleagues and with the public. If Senator Duane has the votes, he should release the names. If not, then he should be ashamed of himself.”
Gee, sounds to me that Duane got Diaz all riled up. I mean wow, screw decorum (not that it was ever a concern for homophobe Diaz), but Duane stating that he had all the votes for a bill that Diaz is fanatically against really seemed to work.

Of course, you'd want to know how Duane responded to Diaz's tirade, right?

His official response came in through spokesman Eric Sumberg late yesterday: "LOL."

I think I like this Duane guy!

Recently, the New York Times issued an editorial pushing the senate to take marriage equality bill to a vote.

The people are impatient!

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