Monday, June 1, 2009

Dear Readers - This Past Week With Unite the Fight, and What to Expect Next

As you know, this past week was a BIG week for California, with the state Supreme Court refusing to throw out the horrendous Prop 8 Tuesday, resulting in the LGBT population and numerous allies flooding the streets with protests and rallies nationwide.

And then this past Saturday, equality supporters from all corners of the state marched into Fresno, CA for Meet in the Middle 4 Equality, with thousands attending and thousands more watching Unite the Fight's successful live broadcast of the Equality March and Equality Rally, which because of your support, was recommended on UStream's main page. The event's equality message reached many more because of you!

Speaking of that broadcast . . . it was quite a challenge. A lightening storm wiped out downtown Fresno's wi-fi internet strength, leaving the newly formed but amazing Unite the Fight crew (because usually, it's just little ol' me) scrambling for a backup connection. (Thanks, Future View Films, Zamna Avila of Ask the Gay Latino, Marriage Equality USA, Kim of Long Beach Equality, Ryan Creasy, and Tim Kerbavaz for live camera and sound!)

We got our backup connection, thanks to lead event organizer Robin McGeHee, but we were limited on live blogging. It took me 20 minutes to load one picture for you guys! Luckily, we were able keep live video going during the march and in the crowd of the rally, but I was hoping to do more live blogging. But overall, it went well. (You can find great live blogging of the event at Marriage Equality Watch)

Now what to expect for this week.

More Meet in the Middle coverage! I'm proud of the Unite the Fight team because we got exclusive backstage interviews of the speakers, including Dustin Lance Black, Eric McCormack, Cleve Jones, Christine Chavez, Rev. Eric Lee and more, which will be debuted throughout this week. I'm also working on the recording of the rally.

What else?

You can expect the blog's return to its well-known news reporting on marriage equality efforts not only here in California but nationwide, with actions that you can perform to help the fight for equal rights - even from home. (I just need to do some catching up on the news since I was out in the field most of the last week, but I'm already writing the stories up!)

Unite the Fight's "Recommended Reading" sidebar will continue to be updated with many marriage equality and LGBT interest stories and articles from other news sources and blogs. UTF's YouTube Channel videos and Tweets will keep updating as well.

Thank you all for your continued support and readership. I love hearing from you and love reading your comments on the blog and Twitter. Keep them coming. Keep the discussions going. Keep the struggle for equality intense. Keep uniting the fight!

Now, back to those news stories and my rants . . .

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  1. Thanks for all you are doing! There may be a few bumps in the road, but it will all be worth it.