Saturday, June 6, 2009

NY Senator Announces He'll Vote Against Marriage Equality

R News reports that New York Republican Senator Andrew Lanza, who represents Staten Island, has shifted from undecided to no against the governor's proposed gay marriage legislation.

Capital Tonight, which has been conducting a senate poll, tallies 20 yes votes, 29 no votes, nine undecided, and four would not say. This is looking worse than on Tuesday, when NY1 released its poll.

Marriage equality bill sponsor Sen. Tom Duane held a press conference Monday announcing he had the 32 votes needed to pass the bill. So my question - who are they? Because right now it's not looking so good. Was this just a tactic? Because if so, he's not just messing with fellow senators heads, he's messing with the hearts and minds of thousands of LGBT individuals, families and friends.

Let's just hope that he's got an ace in his back pocket.

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