Monday, January 4, 2010

Extending UTF Hiatus; Prop 8 Trial Begins in a Week

Hi UTF Readers,

Happy Belated New Year's!

Before taking my holiday hiatus, I mentioned some positive time consuming developments that had arisen. Well, they're still taking up a lot of my time. What exactly is taking up my time? Without boring you with too many details, these are career opportunities that I can't afford to pass up and they deserve my full attention.

As a result, my hiatus will continue but I will keep you updated over the next week or two.

In the meantime, be aware that the Prop 8 trial begins on January 11, a week from today. Many great blogs are covering this historical trial - check out my blog roll on the bottom right.

And a shout out to Michael Petrelis for directing me to the following - California Lawyer magazine has written a great piece on the behind-the-scenes lead up to the filing of the Prop 8 challenge, titled, "Anatomy of a Complaint: How Hollywood activists seized control of the fight for gay marriage."

For more details on the possible outcomes and effects this trial may have, read my piece from last year that includes interviews with some of the lawyers involved as well as the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the group responsible for the federal challenge.