Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yes on 1's 24 Hour Expenditure Report - Lots of Spending For a Broke Campaign

Staring today, both campaigns on each side of the marriage battle in Maine must now submit daily reports on any expenditures over $500 until the November 3 election. This report does not need to include contributions.

Yes on 1 has just submitted their report.

Yes on 1 Exp Report 10-22

What this report tell us is that they have spent $190,000 in just 24 hours. Remarkable for a campaign that is nearly half a million in the hole.

A source tells me that MarCom Media is actually Criswell Associates in San Francisco. The $20,000 is obvious money going towards a new tv ad production and more toward radio ads and a media buy.

Also, it appears there will be a massive mailing done under the guidance of Schubert/Flint, our friends who gave the Yes on Prop 8 campaign its victory.

It is odd to see expenditures on the report for less than $500. Can't quite tell why they would report this.

Only one expenditure was reported by NO on 1. It was reimbursement for travel.

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