Saturday, October 24, 2009

VIDEO: 'Basic Rights Oregon' Releases Two Videos Gearing Up For Possible Marriage Equality Initiative

Basic Rights Oregon (BRO) was formed by "activists awakened by anti-GLBT campaigns . . . with the vision to build a movement that could defend against attacks, but would also built a pro-active movement brought real change to our state" says their website.

With an impressive track record backing them, BRO has begun to set its sights on marriage equality. Back in April I reported that they had decided to try and overturn the same-sex marriage ban amended to their state constitution in 2004 with a goal of going to the ballot in 2012.

Recently, BRO released two videos. One depicts everyday Oregonians talking about why they support marriage equality. The second takes inspiration from Courage Campaign's fidelity video.

Go to Basic Rights Oregon to get involved.

EVENT: Evan Wolfson of Freedom to Marry will be speaking in Portland, OR November 2 to discuss the state's next steps toward marriage equality. Click here for more information.

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