Thursday, October 22, 2009

BREAKING: National Organization for Marriage Challenges Maine's Order to Investigate Fundraising Tactics

UPDATE: Thanks to Fred Karger of Californians Against Hate, I have obtained copies of NOM's filings. Embedded at bottom. Read Karger's press release.

Earlier this month, Maine's Ethics Commission ruled in favor of investigating the National Organization for Marriage's fundraising efforts to repeal the state's new marriage equality law.

Maine's Bangor Daily News reports that they have filed a federal challenge.
The biggest contributor to the group trying to overturn Maine's gay marriage law is suing the state over its campaign reporting requirements.

The state ethics commission voted Oct. 1 to take a closer look at contributions by the National Organization for Marriage after it was accused of circumventing Maine law by not reporting the names of many donors. The group responded with a constitutional challenge filed Wednesday in federal court in Bangor.
Wow. An organization from outside of Maine is challenging Maine's ethics practices in federal court because they don't like how they do things there.

Reminds me of the Prop 8 proponents throwing a hissy fit over having to hand over internal campaign documents.

These type of tantrums just seem to underline suspicions that they have something to hide.

I will post filing once I get my hands on it.

RELATED STORY: National Organization for Marriage has sent an email to their supporters calling the NPR claims of copyright infringement against the Yes on 1 campaign a sign that the anti-marriage equality ad must contain an "inconvenient truth."

NOM Complaint Against Investigation

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