Monday, October 19, 2009

AUDIO: Yes on 1 Campaign's Marc Mutty Admits They "Inadvertently" Misled Voters

Josie Huang on Maine Things Considered reports:

"We've never said that schools will be mandated- or, actually, perhaps we did in one ad, or certainly led people to believe that, inadvertently," says Yes on 1's Chairman Marc Mutty.

Let me make a throat clearing sound as I post this.

"Homosexual marriage taught in schools whether parents like it or not."

Funny, Mutty believes it makes sense that teachers will teach about same-sex marriages if they become legal (notice how he steers clear of it being fact - it was always hypothetical . . . right?). Funny, I believe teachers are going to talk about it whether or not Question 1 passes due to the fact that same-sex couples have kids that go to Maine schools ALREADY, and no law restricts or demands the subject. And on top of that, the Yes on 1 campaign has made sure that it does come up in schools BECAUSE THEY KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT COMING UP IN SCHOOLS. Do they think kids don't watch TV?

Now that Yes on 1 is realizing that they can't simply repeat Prop 8 in Maine because they're bulls*** is being called out, they're backtracking. Of course, they won't come out and say they lied, because it was "inadvertent." Can't have Mutty's boss, the Bishop of Maine, indicted for this sin, now can we?

Watch out Mutty. Every single word you utter will be broadcasted.

Support the NO on 1/Protect Marriage Equality campaign.


  1. The other lie that they need to apologize about is that the Catholic Church supports equal rights for gay people (except in marriage). Mutty said in the debate posted here that the Catholic Church has been a leader in securing equal rights for gays. What ludicrous bullshit. Apparently, they have decided either for legal reasons (Romer v. Evans) or public relations reasons that they must give the impression that they are not motivated by animus.

  2. OK, Philip, you wanted No on 1 to go on the offensive and this is a good test. I have defended them, but if they don't make good use of this shocking statement, then I'll have to admit you were right. If they do make use of it, I'll expect a nice UTF post giving credit where credit is due.

    This is such a gift from heaven, they should shoot a new ad based just on this.