Friday, October 23, 2009

AUDIO: 'Yes on 1' Radio Ad Calls Us All Liars - Where's Our Anger?

Earlier today I posted the new anti-marriage equality Yes on 1 television ad. Here's the accompanying radio ad.

It is frustrating to hear them call us liars and deceivers when in fact Yes on 1 chairman Marc Mutty has already admitted to "inadvertently" misleading Maine voters.

I said from the beginning that we should've beaten them to the punch by calling out their lies and deceitful arguments from the get go. Yet if we do this now, or air Mutty's comment, it's only going to sound like a response to Yes on 1's attack instead of the other way around.

We lost a great advantage by not acting first and using Mutty's confession (they knew we were going to use it, so they called us liars first!) We need to stop playing nice. These people are trying to take our rights away! Where's the anger? I want to see it!

We need to pull out all the stops. Get pro-marriage equality Catholic Gov. Baldacci in an ad explaining it's morally and ethically correct to vote NO. Get the attorney general to do an ad and use her comment that she finds the Yes on 1 ads "appalling." Air Mutty's confession.

And at the last minute before the election, before the Yes campaign can respond, air Obama's opposition to discriminatory ballot measures and his HRC speech supporting LGBT rights.

Though Jesse Connolly of the NO on 1 campaign has already called out Mutty on his confession to lying, it was in a press release. Not aired. I think this campaign, which has been amazingly fast on its feet, can do much, much more to point out these deceitful tactics while being on the offense and not defense.

Call them liars. Flat out. Because we know the facts support us. Let's use them! I'm waiting with anticipation to see the next No on 1 ad go full force.

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  1. Here's my suggestion for an ad: Opens with a sinister figure ogling primary school kids playing on a background. As the camera focuses on the sinister figure, it becomes clear that he is priest. Voiceover: Would you trust your child to this man? Would you trust your vote to this man? Vote No on 1: Keep the state from preventing marriage between people who love each other.