Thursday, October 22, 2009

Homophobia Rampant in Latest E-mail From the Reject 71 Campaign

Originally posted by Joe Mirabella on Seattle PI.

I rarely use the word homophobic. I like to save it for those times when there is not a better adjective. In Protect Marriage Washington's case, homophobic is the best adjective to describe their latest e-mail to supporters urging them to reject referendum 71. The letter was written by Senator Val Stevens. She wrote:
Could this be the final battle?

Are the homosexuals finally going to take control of our culture and push their depraved lifestyle on our children and families?
Senator Stevens clearly does not understand the bill. We are simply trying to protect our families and children in times of crisis, like having the ability to take unpaid leave from work to care for a loved one without being fired. I'm not quite sure how that affects her family. Fortunately for us, she elaborated:
Passed last spring in the legislature, SB5688 would strip away the protections of traditional marriage that were ensured with the passage of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) just a few short years ago.
Senator Stevens probably did not have a chance to read the bill. If she did, she would be happy to know SB5688 does not take anything away from anyone. It simply makes the existing law fair so that all families are treated equally under the law. She will not lose anything. I wonder what other fear tactics she had up her sleeve?
Do you realize what is going on here? Consider the following:

In 1970, (on the heels of a "free love" 60's radical culture) sodomy laws were repealed in Washington State, with government turning a blind eye to a behavior commonly considered perversion - and still the case with a majority of Americans.
First of all, the domestic partnership bill has nothing to do with 1960s style "free love". But since she brought it up, did you know that Sodomy was legally defined as any sexual activity that was not designed to create children. That means Protect Marriage Washington and Senator Stevens are trying to make nearly every Washington adult (gay or straight) feel ashamed.

As a reminder, if you approve referendum 71 and the domestic partnership bill, families will be able to share health insurance. Referendum 71 is not a time machine that will take us back to the 1960s.

If you thought that was crazy, just wait. It gets better...

Senator Stevens thinks about pedophilia:
Organizations, such as NAMBLA, (North American Man Boy Love Association) appeared on the horizon seeking to repeal "age of consent" laws (NAMBLA is still in business today)
Wow! Fortunately the domestic partnership bill is not about any of that. If you approve referendum 71 you will protect children by giving them a more secure home. For example, if a police officer is killed trying to save your life, his or her children will have access to death benefits vital to those families in their time of crisis.

Gladly, no reasonable person condones pedophilia. Clearly though, Senator Stevens spends a lot of time thinking about it. What else is Senator Stevens thinking about?
After 27 years of relentless pursuit, homosexuals finally received protected class status from the Washington State Legislature in 2006, making it illegal for you to refuse to rent them a house, or hire them on account of their homosexuality.
That's right. Senator Stevens and Protect Marriage Washington not only want to hurt Washington families seeking basic protections in times of crisis, they would like them to be homeless and jobless too. Fortunately, referendum 71 has nothing to do with either of those issues. Referendum 71 does allow seniors, 62 or older to care for each other without losing their social security income. But please, Senator Stevens, do go on. I'm not scared enough yet.
Canada already has laws making it illegal to speak against homosexuality on the streets. Bills exist presently in the U.S. Congress to do the same. In the last few weeks a Canadian church pastor was arrested for speaking against homosexuality.
Let me remind Senator Stevens that Canada is not the United States. In the United States we have something called the First Amendment. Since she has a little problem with law (and the truth), allow me to remind her the First Amendment protects free speech -- even the most homophobic, false, and ugly speech, like the speech of Senator Stevens and Protect Marriage Washington. Just so there is no doubt, approving referendum 71 will not effect free speech. If you approve referendum 71 you will allow a teacher who works 20 years teaching about the Constitution to share his or her hard earned pension with his or her loved one.

Washington residents are smarter than Senator Stevens and Protect Marriage Washington think. We can see through lies and homophobic speech. I hope we deliver a resounding answer to these fear tactics and absurdities by approving referendum 71 to keep the domestic partnership law. Vote early, ballots are due no later than November 3.

UTF: If you want to read Sen. Val Stevens full message, it can be found on the Reject Referendum 71 campaign website. Go there at your own risk.

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  1. You give this nut job too much credit by suggesting that she doesn't understand the bill or hasn't read it. She is just a hatefilled liar, trying to scare her fellow haters and paranoics.