Saturday, October 24, 2009

Judge Demands Prop 8 Campaign Obey Order to Hand Over Internal Campaign Documents

Here's the press release from the American Foundation for Equal Rights.
Chief Judge Vaughn Walker today ordered Proposition 8 supporters to turn over documents and other information sought by the plaintiffs who are challenging the initiative in federal court. The suit against Proposition 8 is led by the American Foundation for Equal Rights and attorneys Theodore Olson and David Boies.
Trial is currently scheduled for January 11, and despite repeated requests, the defendants in the case have not turned over certain information and documents sought by Olson and Boies to assist in proving the unconstitutionality of Proposition 8 in court.
"We expect the defendants to do everything they can to throw this case off track, but so far we are still on a rapid course toward trial," said Chad Griffin, Board President, American Foundation for Equal Rights. "Proposition 8 infringes upon people's Constitutional rights every day that is remains in place. We are pleased with the court's ruling and will continue working to strike Prop. 8 from the books as soon as possible."
I don't understand these anti-LGBT groups. NOM has sued two states because they think it's unfair that they're being investigated (Don't like the laws? Sue the state!). Protect Marriage Washington is challenging Washington state because they don't want to hand over the signatures that got Referendum 71 on the ballot. And now Prop 8 proponents are appealing Judge Walker's order to hand over documents - appealing to courts that have no jurisdiction over Walker's order! They have no grounds to appeal! Their actions are laughable.

Gimme a break! These people claim victimhood, that their civil rights are being violated, while they're working to strip LGBT citizens of their rights!

Does hypocrisy have no limit?

I always say, "When you're angry, step away from the keyboard."

So I'm stepping away.

Walker Order Denying Stay of Discovery 10-23-09

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  1. As usual, you are on top of the story first.

    While this is good news, the judge's decision not to require disclosure w/in 7 days but instead to rely on the "professionalism" of the attorneys to arrange a schedule really means we will see no documents until after Election Day. The Yes on 8 lawyers will drag it out as long as possible and will insist on a protective order limiting secondary disclosure to the public.