Friday, October 23, 2009

WWII Veteran Has Become the Face of Maine's 'NO on 1' Campaign

Philip Spooner, the WWII veteran whose amazing speech at April's public hearing on marriage equality in Maine, has become an internet sensation. YouTube views have climbed to over 425,000, and it's #13 on YouTube's list of top-rated News & Politics videos.

WGME has done an amazing report on him, calling Spooner the "face of the NO on 1 campaign."

Check out their news report.

Naturally, the Yes on 1 campaign isn't liking this one bit. Spooner's story goes after their major support base - the older generation. They have issued a statement:
First, we thank Mr. Spooner for his military service, sacrifice, and heroism in battle. We agree with Mr. Spooner that "we can figure out how to take all different people and live together as neighbors and fellow citizens in spite of our differences." We disagree that redefining marriage in Maine law so that it no longer means the union of one woman and one man is a wise way to reach that end.
Yeah, whatever. They agree that we can live together despite differences by wishing gays and lesbians into non-existence and trampling on our rights. What a great way to respect the sacrifice Mr. Spooner made for our country.

Get involved! Go to NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality!

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