Friday, October 23, 2009

ACTION ALERT! New 'Yes on 1' Television Ad Goes for the Jugular

Like I've been saying, it's going to get pretty dirty in this campaign. With less than two weeks to go, the anti-marriage equality Yes on 1 campaign is going for the jugular. And playing by the dusty Prop 8 rule book. (See the sad child at the end of the ad?)

Nothing they use in this ad is contextual. They don't care because that's not their problem.

Jeremy Hooper at Good As You does a great job of breaking down this ad, explaining the context and how the Yes on 1 campaign has twisted the facts into misinformation.

But a synopsis - Pat Peard was telling the truth to the SundayTelegram when saying it wasn't about marriage, because at the time, it wasn't. Just like in Washington state. It's about domestic partnerships there, but the opposition keeps saying it's marriage. Yes on 1 is trying to cast a pall over what Pat said four years ago. It's not secret that our work is step-by-step progress.

The clip used of Monica Hoeflinger is taken from Netroots Nation 2009. Here is the full video:

From Prop 8 to Full Equality in All 50 States - Netroots Nation Day 1 from Will Urquhart on Vimeo.

Like Jeremy says, if we wanted to keep it a secret that we're all working for marriage equality, we wouldn't be broadcasting it to dozens of cameras at Netroots Nation.

Nor would 100,000 of us across the nation have marched after the passage of Prop 8 demanding equal rights.

Yeah, we're do deceitful.

IT'S ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE. At this point in the election, the polls are not going to shift in their numbers much. From the beginning, the surveys have indicated that we can win this, but we have to get our support base out to vote! WE NEED A STRONG GOTV! Maine needs you to help! Otherwise, the snowball that was Prop 8 is going to get bigger with a defeat in Maine.

Here's how you can help.

ACTION: Here are the different ways you can get involved.
  1. If you live far from Maine but are eager to make a difference, you can phone bank from home. Sign up at Call for Equality.
  2. If you do live near Maine, go to Drive for Equality, where you can look for carpools in your area headed up to the Pine Tree State so you can volunteer and help Get Out the Vote!
  3. If you actually live in Maine, VOTE EARLY! Not only will the NO on 1 campaign see a record of your vote, it will free you up on election day to help get supporters to the polls.
  4. DONATE! You can do this no matter where you live.
Get involved now!


  1. Disgusting. But then we know that our enemies are disgusting liars. I think No on 1 needs to respond harshly to nonsense like this, and I think they need to reframe the question. It is about overturning a ban on allowing gay people to marry. When the question is phrased that way--keeping the government out of people's lives--we do very well in polling.

  2. We are now 4 days since Marc Mutty admitted to misleading Maine voters. Not only has No on 1 done nothing with this, but now it will have to respond to a false accusation of deception.

    There is absolutely no question that they dropped the ball this time. There is no way you can justify letting the Mutty statement go by without even so much as a press release. I hate to say it but this is rank incompetence. Now if they use the Mutty quote, it will only cancel out this Yes on 1 ad, it will no longer be be part of an attack.