Sunday, March 29, 2009

New England Marriage Equality Recap

A lot has happened this past week in New England and its race towards marriage equality. So much that it's a bit confusing - which state did what? What's the status? Who voted for which bill?

It's all a bit hard to keep track. If you missed a story, you'd be in the dark. If you were busy this week and didn't hear any news stories and are now catching up, it's like trying to watch "Lost" after missing a season. "What the hell is going on?!"

And I don't blame you. I report on it, and I still have a hard time keeping track of all of it in my head.

Luckily for me, Michael James over at has sorted some out already. Well, at least from the perspective of how each state's governor is going to react to the same-sex marriage bills flying through their respective legislatures.

But so much more lies in the details.

For instance, in Vermont, 17 year old James Neiley gives an already historic testimony to Vermont's legislature to urge them to pass the same-sex marriage bill there, the senate passed it, the House intends to hear it soon, the out-of-touch Republican governor promises a veto, tries badly to explain why, so protests were held at the statehouse last Friday and more throughout this weekend against his veto threat. And that was just this past week!

In New Hampshire, another same-sex marriage bill passes the house, the Senate will soon take it up, but Gov. John Lynch hasn't voiced his stance on it either way, in the pass saying he favors civil unions.

And then there's Maine, with the Marriage bill looking promising and amazing support pouring in for it this week.

That's a whole lot of good drama in a nutshell. So you may want to prepare for this week by reviewing last week. Because Monday promises to be the start of another wild, historical ride.

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