Friday, April 3, 2009

More Work to Do in Vermont

Marty Rouse, National Field Director of the HRC, has issued a call to action to thank Vermont legislatures who shared their stories to help move the vote in favor of same-sex marriage, but to also urge them to override Governor Douglas' impending veto. Here's a section of his action alert.

Governor Jim Douglas has said he intends to veto the [Vermont same-sex marriage] bill. The bill heads into final technical passage in the House tomorrow and then returns to the state Senate for concurrence (remember last week's overwhelming 26-4 vote there). The bill should land on Governor Douglas' desk next Tuesday; he'll likely immediately veto and then the House will likely try to override on Tues, Wed, or Thurs of next week.

Since some Democrats who voted against the bill tonight may vote with their party to override (and some Rs who voted for the bill may not want to vote to override their Governor), it is not completely clear how close the votes are to override. If all 150 members show up, 100 votes are needed for override. Advocates believe they are very close to having the votes to override. We could very well be only 5 votes short of an override, and we have less than a week to get them. Vermont could very well be the first state in our nation to enact marriage equality by the legislature....or not. One vote could make the difference.

Vermont Freedom to Marry has done an amazing job in getting us to this place today. We owe Beth Robinson everything. We should all crack open a pint of Vermont maple syrup in her honor.

What can we do to help get this bill over the finish line and enacted? Email, post on Facebook, call everyone you know who lives in Vermont and urge them to call their state Representative and ask them to vote to override the Governor on the marriage bill. This really may come down to one vote. So please take action today.

You can send a note to Vermont legislators here at the HRC Action Center.

Tonight we are all Vermonters.
There's still more that you can do.


You can help make the veto override happen. Scott Gortikov, Executive Director of MassEquality, tells how:
The Vermont House voted with overwhelming support (95-52) last night to pass a marriage equality bill. Now, Governor Douglas is set to veto the bill.

It is critical that we do everything we can to override the Governor's veto. We are just votes away from overriding the veto and securing marriage equality in Vermont.

Your help can make the difference. How?

Join us for an emergency phonebank to Vermont. You can phone from home using our remote calling system or you can join us at our office in Boston.

To phone from home please call Samantha at (617) 878-2325 or email

To make calls from our Boston office Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday: SIGN UP HERE.

With your help, Vermont can become the fourth state in the nation to recognize marriage equality!

To listen to the bill's amendment debates, go to

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