Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Same-Sex Marriage Gaining Steam in Washington D.C.

As earlier report on UTF, same-sex marriage is making its way into the United States' capitol of Washington DC.

Now the new development.

In less than two hours, about 25 volunteers of D.C. For Marriage collected 600 D.C. resident signatures on last rainy Saturday from people who support same-sex marriage. This campaign start is to garner support for a same-sex bill that's expected to be introduced to the city council soon.

“Right now we’re focusing on identifying supporters,” said Michael Crawford, co-chair of D.C. for Marriage.

“We will build on this successful canvass to reach out to more residents of the District of Columbia to engage them in conversations about marriage and about gay people,” he said. “This will include continued canvassing in high traffic areas and later in the spring we will go door-to-door in targeted neighborhoods.”

Keep up with D.C. For Marriage and show support by joining their Facebook Group.

Like Michael Jones of said, "What is one way of forcing the Obama administration to confront marriage equality? Push for same-sex marriage in the District of Columbia. Commence pushing."

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  1. I never really thought of D.C. as having the ability to do that. Good for them, I hope everything works out.

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