Thursday, April 2, 2009

UPDATE: Vermont House to Vote on Same-Sex Marriage Bill Today

UPDATE 12:31 PM: The debate is about to begin. Watch it live here at Burlington Press!

What will the outcome be? Will they have enough votes to squash any veto threat from Republican Governor Jim Douglas?

From The Burlington Press:

The bill is expected to pass by a wide margin, but with a promised veto from the governor, the big question is whether supporters have the 100 votes needed for an override. Predicting the outcome is complicated by the fact that some Democrats who plan to vote against the bill say they would change course and challenge the governor’s veto, meaning that even if today’s vote falls short of 100 in support, an override might be possible.

The paper also reported that state residents have complained about automated calls telling them to contact their legislatures and urge them not to vote for the bill. The paper did some investigating into the number that showed up on caller-ID. Guess what? It was the National Organization for Marriage. Shock!

This organization, which some say is a front for the LDS church, have also released ads on the radio warning residents of the fall of civilization if same-sex marriage were made legal. You can hear that ad at NG Blog.

You can hear today's House debates at or watch the debates live on Burlington Press. It's expected to begin at 3pm EST/12pm PST.

Check out the House's session calendar below. S 115 is on page 821.


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