Monday, March 30, 2009

West Virginia Anti-Gay Measure Dies

Despite a telemarketing campaign by the conservative Family Policy Council against two West Virginian lawmakers earlier this month, a bid to advance an amendment to West Virginia’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage has failed.

The two lawmakers, Delegates Carrie Webster and Barbara Fleischauer, were accused by the conservative group of blocking a vote on the measure. Calling the campaign "intimidiation", Webster and Fleischauer head house subcommittees that the bill needed to clear to go to a floor vote.

Monday, Republican delegates attempted to drive the bill directly to the floor for a vote. The bid failed 67-30 along party lines.

Amending the West Virginia constitution requires approval of the legislature and a vote by the electorate, and though West Virginia has a marriage law banning same-sex marriage, supporters for an amendment say the law could be challenged in court.

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