Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Maine Gay Marriage Law Good For Children"

As earlier reported by Unite the Fight, the New England state of Maine is currently considering a same-sex marriage bill that looks promising. But as always, mounting opposition looms.

Both sides of the debate is heating up, but an amazing amount of support has recently arrived from groups representing social workers, psychologists and children's interests who have spoken out in favor of the same-sex marriage bill.

Reports from all over the place have been coming in due to this turn of events, but luckily, a contributor to Pam's House Blend has presented them here in one easy place.

It's a long read, but definitely worth the time.

Though Unite the Fight focuses on same-sex marriage, the right for gays to adopt is another big issue that's reported here. Many speculate this is the next big battle since having children in many cases is an extension of marriage. Numerous states have bills in consideration to ban gay adoption, most of them already having amendments banning same-sex marriage. Consider Arkansas. They already succeeded in banning unmarried individuals from adoption, a cover for the true intent - to keep gays from adopting.

It wasn't enough that they took away the right for gays to marry - now they're going after the children. So much for their hypocritical stance on being "pro-family."

I mention this because in Maine, it's very encouraging to hear when Dr. David Lilly of the Maine Psychological Association says the development, adjustment and well-being of children does not differ markedly whether their parents are gay or straight.

Even more:

Dr. Daniel Summers, an Augusta pediatrician who spoke on behalf of the Maine Chapter of the American Pediatric Association, which has 200 members, said he sees all kinds of families in his practice.

"No two are exactly alike," he said. "The adults in the family are united by a common desire to do the best they can for their children."

Catherine Stakeman, executive director of the Maine chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, said that passing Damon's bill "will benefit children and will provide them with the same protections currently available to other families."

Of course people of the same profession have other opinions, but it's very curious to know that these people are sponsored by the before-mentioned "pro-family" organizations.

Marriage is the battlefield right now. But what are we really fighting for? Family. Whether or not we decide to have children, being married is creating a family. It can be two individuals. And in the right circumstances, that family can grow with children.

We must be prepared. We may win the marriage battle, but then we must win the war for our children.

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