Thursday, April 2, 2009

Iowa Supreme Court to Issue Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage Tomorrow

According to the Desmoines Register, the Iowa Supreme Court is set to issue its ruling on same-sex marriage in the state tomorrow morning.

As earlier reported on Unite the Fight, Lambda Legal argued the marriage case Varnum vs. Brien on behalf of the plaintiffs.

The case would have consequences outside the state's borders. Iowa would become the first Midwestern state to allow same-sex marriage and the fourth in the nation if the court sides with the gay couples. Legal experts say such a decision would echo across the country and strengthen the gay rights movement.

Iowa has a law defining marriage between one man and one woman, but it has no constitutional amendment to back it up. Republican Iowa lawmakers attempted last year to begin a constitutional amendment process to specifically prohibit same-sex marriage, but Democrats halted it to see how the court decides the case.

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