Monday, March 30, 2009

Marriage Vs. Civil Unions

The Bilerico Project, recently the victim of an "internet hate crime" by hackers in Eastern Europe, are not backing down - they keep bringing up topics of great debate for the LGBTQ community.

Today, Michael Crawford, Managing Editor of Bilerico, wants to know what you think about the argument that the United States should only issue civil unions to all despite gender and sexual orientation. He refers to contributor John Shields' hot topic piece that stirred up a lot of response, Marriage Vs. Civil Unions in which Shields says:

"I argued then, as I do now, that the separation of church and state - enshrined in the American Constitution - demands that we separate the church from what should be a civic matter. Civil unions for all, and then you can (if you so desire) head to your house of worship and "enshrine" your love and commitment in any manner you and your partner so desire."

So, Crawford issued a poll. And I'm curious to know what you think too. Poll is directly beneath this post.

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