Thursday, May 28, 2009

Video Clip of Obama's "I Don't Know What Promise" Remark from DNC Fundraiser

As reported earlier on Unite the Fight, Obama made a remark about his campaign promises to the LGBT population at last night's fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton.

Here's a news report containing the remark from ABC 7:

I'm sorry, but it's hard for me to buy this when many rainbow flags were waving outside with chants, sending a clear message from the man asking about his promises to the LGBT population.

I was told he may have been referring to the war protesters out there as well, but the LGBT protesters outnumbered them by far.

I still have faith that he will act on those promises, and I am not delusional to think that he can fix everything immediately or that this should be his number one priority.

As I said in a comment below the original post,"I'm not asking for immediate action from Obama. I'm asking Obama, AS PRESIDENT, to state his support, the same support he stated as a NOMINEE. So far, I've heard nothing."

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