Thursday, May 28, 2009

UPDATE: Obama Makes Demonstration a Punchline/VIDEO: Obama Demonstration at Los Angeles DNC Fundraiser Demanding End to Silence on LGBT Issues

UPDATE: Got the quote from Obama's speech referring to the demonstration outside the hotel. From NYTimes:
"A gaggle of sign-waving protestors milled around outside The Beverly Hilton, the sprawling hotel on Wilshire Boulevard. They must have caught the president’s eye when he arrived at the hotel from an earlier stop in Las Vegas because he relayed one of their messages to the crowd.

"'One of them said, 'Obama keep your promise,’ ' the president said. 'I thought that’s fair. I don’t know which promise he was talking about.'

"The people in the audience – who paid $30,400 per couple to attend – laughed as they ate a dinner of roasted tenderloin, grilled organic chicken and sun choke rosemary mashed potatoes."
He didn't know which promises we were asking him to keep? Gee, maybe Obama should look at his own website for a refresher course. But wait, that might not be a good idea since THEY DELETE PROMISES!

If he thought it was an appropriate time to crack a joke of this nature, he's wrong. But it's not like the first time he was insensitive - remember the joke he made on the Tonight Show about the Special Olympics?

I'm too angry to write anything further. As I always say, "When you're angry, step away form the computer."

ACTION: Sign this petition to Obama, urging him to end Don't Ask Don't Tell and NOT fire Lt. Dan Choi and others discharged under the policy.
Last night, a demonstration was held outside the Beverly Hilton where the Democratic National Committee fundraiser headlining President Obama was held.

Though the purpose of the demonstration was to encourage Obama to stick to his campaign promises of LGBT equality, lots of frustration was expressed on the Obama Administration's silence on LGBT issues thus far.

A good crowd turned out, gathering across the street from the hotel's entrance chanting, "Do Ask, Do Tell", "Full Equality Now" and "Out of the court, into the streets, we are ready to fight, we won’t be beat."

Rick Jacobs of the Courage Campaign and Lt. Dan Choi of Knights Out rallied the crowd.

From Unite the Fight live broadcast on Qik:

Better video at our YouTube channel. (Some is still uploading - stay tuned.)


Though cooperative, the demonstrators were passionate and sometimes spilling into the street. The LAPD had to step up several times, warning the crowd to stay out of the busy thoroughfare.

Towards the end of his chanting, Lt. Dan Choi defied the police, stepped into the street and saluted in the direction of the fundraiser, symbolically honoring the Commander-in-Chief, President Obama. It was amazing to witness.

After the demonstration, organizer Matt Palazzolo of Equal Roots Twittered, "OBAMA RALLY A SUCCESS!!!! He addressed us LGBT demonstrators outside the hotel in his speech -- he intends to keep his promise to us."

He had heard from a media source that the president referred to the demonstrators at his private speech at the fundraiser.

"According to one of the news people who delivered the message to me [Obama] said something along the lines of 'to all the people outside asking that I keep my promise, I was very happy to see you out there...because I truly want to keep my promise to you.' That is of course 2nd hand paraphrasing, though. But, still -- we got the message."

Unite the Fight then asked fundraiser attendee Mike Bonin, Chief of Staff for Los Angeles Councilmember Rosendhal and former volunteer for the Obama campaign, if Obama did in fact refer to the demonstration. Mike clarified that the president gave two speeches - one for the higher-priced tickets and one more open to the public.

From the speech that Mike heard, there was no reference. "I am so damn happy he is my president, and so damn proud I worked for his election, and so damn committed to helping push his agenda," Mike said. "But how he can come to LA, one day after the Prop 8 ruling, with DADT tossing excellent service people from the armed forces, and not say one word about equality, is beyond me. Mr. President, please speak."

Mike is getting confirmation on what was said in the president's other speech; however, he was able to corner the White House deputy chief of staff in the men's room about DADT and urged him stop the expulsion of quality service people like Lt Dan Choi.

Thanks to for filming the live coverage of the rally. They will also be contributing to Unite the Fight's live broadcast of Meet in the Middle this Saturday.


  1. He doesn't know what promises we're asking him to keep?

    Wow, what a short memory this man has. Is anyone else starting to feel screwed over for supporting Obama so fervently?

    If he keeps waiting, potentially until his second term, to address his promises to the LGBT community, he might find himself with substantially less support at the polls in 2012.

  2. I just want to remind all of us that we live in a country with separation of church and state. Its about time that was upheld. So all I have to say is "Uphold separation of church and state, overturn Prop 8!!!"

  3. he said what he needed to say during his campaign for our (gay) votes, now he no longer needs us, betrayed and anger is all I feel right now.

  4. there are a HELL of alot more important things this country needs to worry about right now. i'm sure all of this will be taken care of. mccain sure as hell wasnt even gonna take care of it! just relax its been 100 some days


  6. Has there EVER been a president that did anything good for any community WITHOUT having their hand "forced" by that community? Until a community is willing (truly willing) to give up everything and fight for equality (not simply for a minute or a day) then maybe that equality will be given. Have any of you thought that maybe what's needed is a larger demonstration? One that cannot be ignored! (Although I should state here that I DO NOT advocate violence of any type!!!)

  7. Obama also has failed Polish-American. Obama is a liar.

  8. As for a larger demonstration, it looks like there may be a BIG equality march on Washington DC soon.

  9. It seems to me that people just set themselves up for disappointment by relying completely on the fact that just because he is a democrat then of course he is immediately going to address social issues that he promised to address while on the campaign.

    I personally want him to address foreign policy and the economy before he starts wading into what promises to be very divisive social issues.

  10. For me, I'm not asking for immediate action from Obama. I'm asking Obama, AS PRESIDENT, to state his support, the same support he stated as a NOMINEE. So far, I've heard nothing.

    I want him to address other issues too. I just want to see a little bit of leadership, the type he promised during his campaign.

    A simple statement would suffice. Not a joke.

  11. Obama never said he was for gay marriage, ever. No one on the ballot this election cycle was. He said he was for more rights for gay couples but not marriage.

    Also what do you expect Obama to do? Here's a government lesson for those who seem to not know anything about American government. The president is head of the executive branch. The executive branch does NOT make the laws, that would be the legislative branch's job. The executive branch also does not decide what is constitutional or unconstitutional that would be the judiciary.

    The President does in a sense set the agenda for Congress. With people out of homes, with millions no healthcare, two wars, north korea testing weapons...Guess what? There are MORE important priorites.

  12. It's great that you're all angry and ready to fight for our rights, but doesn't it seem rather unreasonable to expect Obama to just wave a magic wand and repeal contentious legislation? That's not how our government works. Additionally, many campaign promises (from all pols) amount to aspirations, not explicit battle plans that will materialize in the first six months of a presidency.

    As much as I want marriage equality like the rest of you, I readily acknowledge that a) it's not the biggest problem on Obama's already overloaded plate and b) marriage equality is going to be a state by state process for a while. A groundswell of support for marriage in individual states will make it a lot more feasible for our US congresspeople to repeal DADT and FDMA. Keep fighting the good fight, but don't waste your energy blaming a president who is a lot more on our side than the last four presidential terms.

  13. Well, I've always thought Obama was using the gay community so I never understand why they were supporting him. Well at least now you realize what kind of person he is...

  14. larger demonstration? Its like that movie where all the Gay people went on strike What would happen if that was to really happen, not only do gays strike but those who also support us. ( lets shut it down ). I say we walk till our feet are broken and we can not be dismissed. My/our voices will not go unheard.

  15. What the hell else did you expect? He just wanted the gay vote he wasn't really ever going to change anything.

  16. I can certainly say I'm glad I didn't support B. Hussein Obama. I knew from the start of his campaign that he was going to be nothing more than a two-faced lying sack of ghetto trash.

    Oh well. Those of you who supported him are the ones to blame for this mess he's making.

  17. No quick change is permanent. It took long enough for folks to be able to come out of the closet, it's going to take a while to get equal rights. Anyone who's getting their knickers in a knot may be wise to remember that it wasn't so long ago that police would beat gay protesters and jail them. Obama's just a man and he'll have to use the system like anyone He'll need more patience than this that's for sure. And anyone who says they have no stomach for the time it's going to take to change minds isn't really in it for the long haul anyway.....

  18. "I can certainly say I'm glad I didn't support B. Hussein Obama. I knew from the start of his campaign he was going to be nothing more than a two-faced lying sack of ghetto trash."

    Racism from anyone who wants equal rights is both unacceptable and extraordinarily hypocritical. You're adding nothing to the discussion but more hate.

  19. What ceases to amaze me is that anyone fell for his pre election crap. For one thing, he said point blank that he DOES NOT SUPPORT gay marriage. Why does this seem to come as such a shock now that he does not support gay marriage??? He said it loud and clear during the debates and pre election. Oh, maybe some folks only heard what they wanted to hear about all this "big change". When will people learn that ALL politicians lie?? All of them. No one president is responsible for the "downfall of this country" unless you trace it all the way back to George Washington. Each president has had to inherit whatever crap the last one left behind and so on. But as for Obama, I hope that this teaches a few people something VERY important--never, ever, ever, believe anything you hear during an election year. Unless of course, you actually hear the candidate say that he DOES NOT SUPPORT gay marriage--which Obama did. I doubt very seriously he is going to cave on that one.

  20. You have disappointed and made me look foolish amongst all of the support I have given you through out the election. Thinking you would stand up for equality and basic civil rights for the LGBT community. Now you sit back and ask what promises. I see now you are using your time in office to set yourself up for 2012. Trying not to offend the latin and african american community (whom were a huge part in passing prop 8) by giving equal rights to the gay community. Seperation of church and state Mr. President. Change we can believe in....HA....Speak up and be honest Mr. President. Oh wait...You are a politician...I will keep fighting until we receive marriage equality and basic civil rights.

  21. Oh for God's sakes! He was poking fun at himself. The man does not now, nor has he ever, supported discrimination and Prop 8 is clearly discriminatory. Besides, he is President, not King. Keep up the fight. As for more important things.....when is discrimination less important than anything? The end game of discrimination is denial of Human Rights. It weakens a people worse than all of the economic woes we could ever suffer.

  22. You all get what you deserve. I support equality for gays but I never bought into the hype that is Barack Obama. You all get what you deserve.

  23. It's time for straight people who are against discrimination to get organized and speak up.

  24. I think we are forgetting that this is more than the right to marry. Until all humans are granted equal rights all the other problems we face will continue to be done half assed, as basic human needs are not being met.

  25. What a load of donkey turds. Obama didn't say anything about legalizing gay marriage. The gays just made the same decision that everyone else made:

    I'll vote for anyone who at least sympathizes with my plight which is what Obama does. See how far your gay rights would get with someone like McCain who doesn't only not care about your gay marriage woes but is reduced to illness at the sight of any homosexuality.

  26. Obama openly said he thinks MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN, don't be so confused, he's not braking a promises if that's what he openly said. Gay people have equal rights, stop acting like you are prisoners in this world.

  27. obama has been anti gay marriage from the start, so why would that change now?

  28. there are more important things to worry about right now, mmkay

    you are wasting your time protesting.

  29. to be fair if you watch the clip what actually happens is that he pulls up and hears some person yell [in the distance], "keep your promise" (or something along those lines).

    His joke referred to not knowing which of the many promises because he had no context i.e., he didn't see the protesters.

  30. This is pathetic. There was more than one group protesting. Obama did absolutely nothing wrong, and to think otherwise makes the LGBT community look small and petty. Seriously people, when are you gonna let the man do his job. The more you ninnies bitch and complain the more harm you bring to your cause. At this point you are making fools of yourself and acting like outraged Right-wing nutjobs.

  31. you guys or girls or whatever you are! Majority rules and Obama is not going against Majority sorry! That is just how the story goes..... Yes On 8

  32. So the expectation is that Obama should go against the California voters AND his own campaign statement that marriage should remain between a man and a woman? It seems like a statement of support for increased gay rights seems more realistic, but I'd imagine it'll be the same generic scripted language that doesn't stir the pot with anyone and pleases all.

  33. To my gay brothers and sisters; Perez Hilton posted the link fo this to his site so all the breeders are out in full force.
    Here's my message to you breeding machines...


    We are a more unified, LOUD, outspoken, galvanized, energized, united, group with more strength than ever before. We THANK YOU for the visibility and for allowing this to happen. You fueled our fire and we WILL NOT be silenced. No more Mr. Nice Guy....that didn't work for your thick skulls. Now it's about demands, anger and needs and we will get them.

    I bet you all thought gays would hide under a rock after Prop 8 passed, didn't you? Like we'd look in the mirror and say "Oh no, some uneducated, gutter trash, low lives can't stand to see me with my partner, I better stop being gay" LOL the exact opposite occured. Gays are everywhere now, louder than before, the conversation is prominent everywhere you turn and we are prouder tahn ever before to be who we are.

    Thanks for opening that can of worms with your "Yes" votes. You essentially voted Yes on more exposure on everything gay.

    Equality is never fought with silence!


  35. Obama would not do anything because he still has to think about the next election coming up - he needs to get the conservatives votes (how disqusting is that?)

    Obama IF elected next election - would try so hard to make gay rights equal as a legacy of him coming out of his office in the second term.

    She - yes she!! (coward) always wants to make a history - electing the first, black, asian, hispanic whatever ... - got the idea?

    I wasted my vote - I would rather voted Palin and mcain - at least i'd be hating em everyday rather than being let down and disappointed again and again from empty promises!

    Do the right thing - why do we have to wait to have our RIGHTS!?

  36. at least mccain/palin stated that they would not let their personal views influence their decisions. obama, on the other hand, made very specific promises and pledged his support to equality.. at least until he was elected. since then, neither he nor his spokespeople will even respond to current events or questions regarding gay rights. they took our money and our votes and said 'thanks, suckers' just like bill clinton did. people who say we just have to wait are either very young or very foolish. we have been struggling for our rights for DECADES. how much longer should we wait ? until everything else in the world is fixed ?? that day will never come. shame on barack for treating protesting citizens as a punchline to a cheap joke.

  37. LGBT people, stop your shock and awe act. Your behavior is a choice therefore it's not subject to any special classification or protection. People choose to do drugs, they are not a protected class

  38. I am straight and against prop 8 but it is not Obamas call it is the voters in each state. Sadly CA has let us down not Obama, the people in CA voted against equal civil rights and the courts upheld the vote. It is total BS that there is even a vote and that people even have to go through this. Obama never said he was for gay marriage he said he supported Domestic Partnership. Mccain said he was against both.

    Obama is dealing with a mess that was left behind and is trying to fix things that seem more important such as unemployment, the economy, the wars, the whole N. and S. Korea problem... While I am angry and disgusted with the decision on prop 8 it is not Obamas fault.

    For those who are being hateful and mean, trying to stop hate by being hateful is not the way to go. Yes, stand strong and fight but hate just creates more hate.

  39. It would have been better if we had voted Hillary Clinton in . At least she is doing a better job.

  40. This is the second time that Obama has used the gay community as his punching bag. I'm sick of this bullshit. BTW, glad to have found your site thru Perez.

    This guy has the right idea.
    Queer Equality Revolution:

  41. I have to agree with most of the commenters wondering why you all are attacking Obama. As a whole I support gay individuals and the movement for gay marriage however I believe one of your mouthpieces (Perez for instance) is one of the most offensive and divisive figures currently fighting for rights.

    You wish Obama to supercede the legal flow of government and to rule over several million individual's votes and rights to appease another few million? That's not only stupid it's wrong.

    How would the gay community enjoy it if a group of a few million began petitioning for all homosexuals to be shipped onto an island? If Obama decided to take their pledge ignoring all proper laws and legal procedures how f-ed up would it be? Obama also has said numerous times he believed marriage should be between a man and a woman. At best he has said that states should decide this.

    Ontop of the gay issue is the reality that as another poster said there are a HOST of other issues Obama must handle first. As awful as it may sound he most put first the needs ot eh majority before focusing on the needs of the minority. This is not a time period where the mexican gang wars, the swine flu, the two wars and so on and so forth can take a back seat to gay marriage.

    California let you people down. Take your frustrations out on the state. Don't blame a president who was always honest with you. And this is blunt so I do apologize, but for those stating they should have voted for McCain or Clinton. You all are idiots. If you think for one second with the state of the republican party and it's stance on gay marriage currently that McCain would EVER even address this issue then you're idiots. If you think Clinton who was more focused on being as big and bad and tough as the men in power would ever have tackled this subject you're an idiot.

    Obama is sympathetic to the issue and is trying to find a way to help (Sotomayer) and he even wrote a private letter to one of the brilliant army soldiers telling her that he would do everything he could to get her back in her position and right the wrongs 'don't ask, don't tell' caused.

    Learn how to understand the game people. If he pisses off those who do not support marriage between gay couples and they vote republican in 2012 you all will be more screwed than you can imagine. What he has to do is play in the background and get his ducks in a row without giving the rethugs or anyone else a reason to screw it up.

    Keep up your fight but ditch the mouth pieces like Perez who is truly offensive. If that's the face you wish to hold up you'll push away those who want to understand but can't stand the man for all his hypocrisy and ugliness.

  42. To the gay community,
    I am a straight young woman in support of the gay commmunity, acceptance and all. My mom was close minded and I have helped her come around enough to change her mind, so much so that she is now vbery close to this gay couple. But from the bottoom of my heart, I say this because it's true. I'm getting so pissed off at your whiny attempts at attention. Like the poor guy has been in office for less than 6 months and he should not be severely judged and abandoned before he gets a channce to do anything. You are all coming off as spoiled little fucking brats. Self centred and selfish because he has to drop EVERYTHING on his plate and like people dying overseas and families in desperation from lost jobs and foreclosures on ttheir homes, because you guys want to get married. I am getting really annoyed so annoyed to the point of changing my views completely because the type of people that you are all seeming like is despicable and do not deserve any support. Having advocates as lame and annoying as Perez Hillton also doesn't help your cause. Please prove me wrong gay community, please. I want to continue my support. To the gays with racist comments, you don't deserve shit all because you are a hate monger so you don't deserve any rights. To the gays comparing this issue with race issues, you have absolutely no idea what the heck you are talking bout. Slavery and not being able to marry your boyfriend/girlfriend is a little bit different.
    I really would like to maintain my support and increase my knowledge but I am sincerely so close to giving up on the gay community completely.