Saturday, May 30, 2009

Leadership Summit Held Day After Meet in the Middle, Shown Live on Unite The Fight

Sunday, May 31st, the day after Meet in the Middle, a statewide Leadership Conference is being held in Fresno, CA discuss the next steps of the equality movement.

This will be a neutrally hosted Sunday brunch by the organizers of Meet in the Middle to discuss different organizations' future work, possible cross-promotion opportunities, and the need for a Prop 8 repeal campaign collaboration. This is simply a "get-to-know our organizations" meeting.

The No on 8 campaign will NOT be repeated.

BIG NEWS: Unite the Fight and SheWired just got clearance to broadcast the meeting live.

The Leadership Summit can be viewed here at Unite the Fight starting tomorrow at 10am PST, or on Unite the Fight's Qik Channel.


  1. That is great news, indeed! Would have been great of the organizers to commit in the early stages of the summit meeting to have it open and on the web, but they've done the right thing now.

    We must ensure everything is done to avoid the closed-door, no press allowed approach to organizing that we saw last year with the gay fools who ran the No on 8 executive committee.

  2. This, after days of their saying that press couldn't attend, then that press could attend but the whole summit would be "off the record" for reporters. I give up.

  3. Wish I knew why the damn meeting wasn't just open to all activists and reporters, and a commitment made from the beginning to broadcast on the web? You know, like engaging the widest number of LGBT people as possible from the beginning?

    I'm still convinced we've not learned and applied hard lessons learned from the failed No on 8 executive committee, the loss of gay marriage in CA, and $46 million waging a closeted ad campaign.

  4. Growing pains, Michael. But I agree. Unite the Fight is here to help keep things open, to get the community more involved. Everyone's learning and things are changing as we move along. Problem is - we don't have a lot of time.

    But the good news - they did allow me to broadcast. I didn't have much time to prepare, so I had to use the iPhone. Not the best. But this is a good sign.

    I do understand though that some things have to be kept more confidential, such as polling,so that the some information doesn't fall into the wrong hands (Like the National Organization for Marriage, which does in fact view this blog looking for such information).

    But unlike No on 8 which didn't share polling info until it was too late, this meeting shared it with 250 people, who will then share it with their organizations. Carefully.

    That's change.