Monday, May 25, 2009

I Salute All Our LGBT Service Men and Women This Memorial Day

Many men and women serve in our armed forces, and many have died protecting our country. On this day, Memorial Day, each year they are recognized for their service and valor, their dedication to a country whose principles demand that all are created equal.

But many have given their lives protecting these values that they themselves did not benefit due to discrimination in a hypocritical country that claims it's the leader in human rights. A country that willingly sends soldiers out to die, soldiers it openly discriminates against.

These soldiers are the LGBT men and women in our armed forces.

Yet these men and women continue to serve. Some in silence. Some speak out. Then are kicked out. Both actions commendable. Both actions requiring bravery.

But because they are forced to deny themselves when they do serve, many go unrecognized. Many have given their lives for a country that refuses to acknowledge these soldiers' true selves and the sacrifice it took to give what they did.

And the world may never know.

It is to these men and women, the LGBT population serving our country in the armed forces, that I salute this Memorial Day. You died for a country that is not yet willing to accept you, but I believe you did so in faith that some day, this nation will live up to its own standards. I believe you sacrificed your life so that the United States of America can one day honor the future generations of the LGBT population.

I do not believe your sacrifices will be in vain. We have made great strides in our efforts for equality, and we would not be where we are today if it weren't for you.

Your sacrifices will not be forgotten. You are not forgotten. And you never will be.

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