Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meet in the Middle A HUGE Success! Equality Begins NOW!

Meet in the Middle 4 Equality was an amazing success with thousands attending and speakers ranging from Eric McCormack of Will & Grace to the amazing Rev. Eric Lee of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the powerful Cleve Jones and Oscar winning screenwriter for "Milk", Dustin Lance Black. Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron was in the crowd, demonstrating her support.

It started off early this morning at 7:50am with hundreds showing for the Equality March, kicking off 14 miles from Fresno, CA in Selma, CA, a nod towards the historical civil rights march in Selma, Alabama in the 60s.
Near 1pm, they marchers showed, joined by some of the couples married during the short time before Prop 8, just in time for the Equality Rally in Fresno, CA where an excited crowd cheered them as they arrived.

Unite the Fight and SheWired broadcasted the rally live on, and the show, Meet in the Middle 4 Equality, became one of the most recommended broadcasts for Saturday, a testament to the power of the rally and the interest from the LGBT population. Many viewers commented on the amazing diversity of the speakers, representing all aspects of the struggle for equal rights spanning many minority groups.

Unite the Fight is working on getting taped footage of the rally and will post it ASAP. As for stills, we're uploading now and will post. I will hopefully have them up by the end of the day. Keep checking in!

I'm being kicked out of city hall, so I've got to go! I will follow-up with amazing "behind-the-scenes" taped interviews with all the speakers for our YouTube Channel, stills, quotes and more! In the meantime, check out our Qik Channel for videos of the march (and for live coverage of Meet in the Middle celebrations tonight!) and see the posts below for stills of earlier today.


  1. I understand there is a leadership summit and meeting on Sunday in Fresno. Will that meeting be aired on the web? I'd like to watch and listen in on Sunday's meeting, as many important decisions will be made, and I can't be there.

  2. This meeting is open to the press. I will look into it. If they allow it, it will be on our Unite the Fight Qik Channel recorded through our iPhones.