Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Gallup Poll: Majority of Americans Still Oppose Marriage Equality

The news just keeps getting better. A new Gallup Poll released today showed that a majority of Americans still oppose marriage equality 57% to 40%.

Ouch. This isn't exactly the kind of news one would hope for the day after Prop 8 is upheld. There is that small silver lining indicating that young Americans still overwhelmingly support marriage equality 59% to 37%.

The full report is embedded below.

GALLUP POLL MAY 09: Majority of Americans Continue to Oppose Gay Marriage

With this in mind, do you believe we should continue to fight for our rights through the courts or through the ballot?

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  1. Both. I also believe I'm just too old to simply wait for the demographics to kick in and some of our "opponents" to kick the bucket.

    Besides, young people grow old ... and change.

    Speaking of old, I lived through the 60's. And if the world were to be fashioned after the then-ideals and pervasive viewpoints of the young, the world would be far more fantastic than it turned out to be when all those young people really became older people.

    So I've always been skeptical of the claim that we should simply wait it out till the todays youngsters rule the world. Let's fight. In the courts, at the ballot. No stone unturned.