Wednesday, October 28, 2009

VIDEO: Anti-LGBT Crazy Trio Draw Small Numbers to Their Maine Press Conference, But What a Show!

Thanks to Pam Spaulding, I was able to get my hands on some full audio of the press conference held by the anti-LGBT nutball trio Peter LaBarbera, Brian Camenker and Paul Madore.

First is LaBarbera.

Second, Camenker.

Video clips from the press conference and one-on-one interviews after.

Paul Madore:


Paul Madore was asked if he'd informed the anti-marriage equality Yes on 1 campaign about his press conference. He replied, "We informed the diocese. Yes."

These guys claimed to be working "in union" with the Yes on 1 campaign and the Diocese of Maine, but I think someone forgot to tell the Yes people. Their statement about today's press conference: "Whatever words were said, are their own and have no ties the 'Yes on 1' campaign."

Swift in action as always, NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality's campaign manager Jesse Connolly made a confident appearance at the press conference and was able to give a sharp rebuttal to the press.

Following is the press release given by the NO on 1 campaign:

NO on 1 Campaign Slams Anti-Gay, Anti-Marriage Equality Attacks

Radical Hate Groups Come to Maine State House

Portland, Maine (October 28, 2009)---Jesse Connolly, the NO on 1 campaign manager, today released the following statement regarding the press event by the Maine Grassroots Coalition and Stand for Marriage Maine at the State House. In addition to featuring Paul Madore of the Maine Grassroots Coalition, who is responsible for some viscous, anti-gay print advertisements (see attached), the event also featured Brian Camenker of MassResistance and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth, two well-known
anti-gay organizations.

"This is not the new face of the Yes campaign, it's been there all along. They can swap out their TV ads from attacks that have been called baseless by the Maine Attorney General and Maine newspapers across the state, to a gentler, softer approach, but the result is the same. They don't believe in treating all Maine families equally and these national and local spokespeople represent some of the most vitriolic, anti-gay voices in the country.

"They can't have it both ways -- to pretend to back civil rights, yet stand behind a group like Mass Resistance which is one of only 11 designated anti-gay hate groups listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center. And they can't stand behind Peter LaBarbera who has attacked Ben & Jerry's, supported rescinding women's right to vote and believes we should return to the Old Testament where gay people were stoned. And they can't stand behind Paul Madore and the Maine Grassroots Coalition which is behind some of the most anti-gay hate speech over the last 20 years.

"It won't wash. It doesn't fly. And we call on the Yes campaign to stop the attacks and get back to talking about what's really at stake in this election -- and that's whether or not we will treat all loving, committed Maine couples and their families equally under the law.

"And I'd like to hear what the leadership and the big funders of the Stand for Marriage campaign have to say about the hate-filled speech we heard today in our State House. Are they in line with these people and these organizations or will they disavow what was said?"

See local Maine affiliate WMTW's news report.

It will be interesting to see Yes on 1 separate themselves from this muck.


  1. Not to be too superficial, but those guys arrayed on that stage are real sad sacks. One almost feels sorry for them and their ignorance.

    Connolly is right: these people represent the ugly reality behind the Yes on 1 campaign, not those recent faux-sympathetic commercials talking about how concerned people are for the rights of gay couples.

    I suspect the crazies have been unleashed to get out their fellow crazies and the more sympathetic commercials are being run in order to persuade the undecided.

    I am very skeptical of the recent polls, so I don't know whether we are really ahead or not. But we must make sure that our voters actually turn out (or vote early). This next week is apt to be very ugly.

  2. I'm not too skeptical about the recent polls. Equality Maine has done years and years of educational work in Maine. This lays the foundation for when initiatives come around - people know more.

    I think the polls showing us tied are more accurate and it all depends on swing voters and GOTV. I AM skeptical of ones showing NO in a great lead.

    As for the sad sacks above. I agree with you. Completely.