Monday, October 26, 2009

Perverted NOM Suing Maine in an Effort to Run Disgusting, Homophobic Ads

I've already reported on the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) suing Maine because they don't want to follow the state's election laws while fighting the advancement of marriage equality.

But part of the lawsuit claims they can't run two ads they've produced because they are "chilled from doing so, however, by the prospect of having to register as a BQC and meet the reporting and other requirements of sections 1056-B and 1059.”

Mike Tidmus
was able to get his hands on the outrageous, disgusting scripts for the immensely offensive ads.

The first one is called Bigot.
Girl: Mommy, are you a bigot?

Mother: What?

Girl: At school, we learned that people who are against gay marriage are bigots.

Mother: No, dear. I believe that homosexuals should be treated fairly–but I also believe that marriage should be just for one man and one woman. That doesn’t make me a bigot.

Girl: What about Reverend Jones and Father Diego? Are they bigots?

Mother: Did you learn that at school too?

Girl nods

VO: Think that gay marriage won’t affect your family? Think again.

Vote Yes Graphic
If you think it couldn't get worse, it does. Don't underestimate the perverted minds of NOM.

Here's the other ad The New Curriculum.
School Administrator (talking to an off-camera mic/reporter–as he talks, we see images of teachers in classrooms reading from blurred-out books, GLSEN-style posters, etc.): No, we’re very proud of the new curriculum. It’s all about teaching kids to embrace different lifestyles and explore their own sexuality.

Switching from images of sex ed classrooms to little boy on a bench in a darkened school hallway. We can see an adult male (not his face, we’re looking from the perspective of the child and the view never includes his head) come out of an office, take the boy’s hand, lead him into the office, and close the door. Freeze on the closed door, which has a sign that says, “Counseling Session: Do Not Disturb”

Reporter (VO) : Yes, but is it appropriate for kindergartners to be receiving counseling about whether they might be gay?

School Admin (VO): Sure, we’ve had a few complaints, but there’s not much parents can do. It’s the law, after all.

VO: Think gay marriage won’t affect your family? Think again.

Vote Yes Graphic
I don't even know where to start on these.

The perverts at NOM are obsessed with tying us to pedophiles, stirring up the fears of the older generation who were taught since childhood that gays were nothing more than child predators.

But not just the older generation. NOM's other target is parents who don't have the time to educate themselves on the issue and upon viewing the ad, would fear for their child's safety. Who wouldn't, viewing that garbage?

No wonder NOM keeps suing states that they're working in to avoid obeying their laws. I'm just wondering when they'll finally be classified as a bona fide hate group.

This makes their Gathering Storm ad seem like a love letter.

Maine is the new battleground. Get involved! Go to NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality!


  1. These ads are so reminiscent of the ads that worked in California, but they also recall the successful ads that Anita Bryant used as long ago as 1976 in her "Save the Children" Campaign. Our enemies have no scruples.

  2. What a surprise, bigots are offended at being called bigots.

    Newsflash, fake mom in the commercials: Believing that one group of people should be treated differently under the law than other people is bigotry. Your pastor is a bigot. Your preacher is a bigot. And you're not only a bigot, but a brainwashed bigot at that.