Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ONLY 7 DAYS LEFT UNTIL ELECTIONS! We Can Win in Maine and Washington, But Only With Your Help!

From the NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign:
We've got one week to Election Day. And what is the Yes campaign doing? Throwing everything but the kitchen sink at marriage equality.

Change the subject. Divert voters. Mislead reporters. And never, never talk about fairness or equality for all loving couples and their families.

Won't you help us cut through these lies and distortions? Will you help us speak directly to Maine voters and get our supporters to the polls to vote NO on 1?

This election will come down to turnout. And we are counting on out-of-state volunteers -- people like you -- to make help us make the difference in an off-year election.

You can help us preserve marriage equality in Maine and stave off a crushing defeat.

If you have a phone and an internet connection, we need your help today. Please sign up now for a CALL FOR EQUALITY training/call shift today to make calls to Maine voters from home:

Sign-up for a 6:30pm EST training/call shift tonight by clicking here.

If you can't join us today, you can still call -- find another shift here.

Voters are voting NOW -- by email and at early voting locations. That means we need a "virtual phonebank" to lob in calls to Maine voters who will make the difference between victory and defeat on election night.

If you've never made phone calls to voters, it's easy. You'll almost always be talking with a Maine voter who supports marriage equality. We will personally train you over the phone before your shift, give you a script and all of the information you need to make these critical calls . . .

This election could come down to a handful of voters. And, often, an extra nudge from a supporter like you is what motivates someone to vote. Please click here to sign up and get started making calls from home today.
If you live here in California, find out how you can help by either joining up with Equality California or Vote For Equality.

In Washington state, they're down to the wire. They can win this election! The biggest challenge facing the Approve Referendum 71 campaign is getting their support base out and into the ballot booths.

Go here to find out where you can join up with a phone bank and urge supporters to make that vote! Polls show every vote will count. Make that difference!

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