Thursday, October 29, 2009

VIDEO: Take a "Stand" for Maine - View NO on 1's New Ad and ACT!

Earlier today, Yes on 1 revealed its new scary ad just in time for Halloween. NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality has quickly countered with their message discipline of equality.

  1. If you live far from Maine but are eager to make a difference, you can phone bank from home. Sign up at Call for Equality.
  2. If you do live near Maine, go to Drive for Equality, where you can look for carpools in your area headed up to the Pine Tree State so you can volunteer and help Get Out the Vote!
  3. If you actually live in Maine, VOTE EARLY! Not only will the NO on 1 campaign see a record of your vote, it will free you up on election day to help get supporters to the polls.
  4. DONATE! You can do this no matter where you live.

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