Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Referendum 71 News: Equal Rights Washington Airs Educational Ad; Microsoft Donates $100K to 'Approve' Campaign

Equal Rights Washington Airs Educational Ad

With the fate of Washington state's new "everything but marriage" domestic partnership law in the hands of voters this November, Equal Rights Washington has released an educational ad featuring Charlene Strong, who tragically lost her wife in a 2006 flooding incident in Seattle.

The ad is airing "through the end of the week in Seattle, Walla Walla, Yakima, Tri Cities, Vancouver, and Bellingham" says the SLOG.

You can donate to help buy more airtime for the ad.

Vote to APPROVE REFERENDUM 71 to keep the domestic partnership law.

Microsoft Donate $100K to Approve Referendum 71 Campaign

The SLOG reports
Asserting itself as a powerful advocate for gay rights, the Microsoft Corporation donated $100,000 to the campaign trying to approve Referendum 71, a report filed today with the state Public Disclosure Commission shows (.pdf).


This took guts. Microsoft's brazen role in R-71 will outrage the Ken Hutchersons of the world, who pressured Microsoft for years to back off from supporting gay-rights legislation.
Microsoft's contribution surpasses all the donations combined for the opposition's campaign which continues to deceive voters into thinking this a marriage issue when it's not.

Hopefully Microsoft's generosity will help the Approve campaign continue to get their message out loud and clear.

Get involved. Go to Approve71.org.

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