Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Referendum 71 Holds Narrow Lead in Polls, Needs Strong Voter Turn Out

Survey USA conducted a poll which shows Referendum 71 holding a narrow lead, reflecting similar results from an earlier poll. Approving the Washington state referendum is a vote to approve the "everything but marriage" domestic partnership law.

The numbers show 45% approve, 42% reject and 13% undecided.
Among men, the measure is rejected by a 4-point margin; among women, it is approved by 12 points -- a 16-point gender gap. 72% of Republicans say they will vote to reject; 72% of Democrats say they will vote to approve; independents reject by a 13-point margin. In Metro Seattle, the measure is approved by 18 points; in Eastern Washington, it is rejected by 18 points. Western Washington voters outside of Metro Seattle are more divided, with an 8-point margin voting against the referendum.
With Seattle making up 53% of the state's electorate, a strong GOTV campaign is needed to be sure LGBT allies come out and vote on the measure.

To help the Approve 71 campaign get out the vote, go to and get involved!

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