Wednesday, October 7, 2009

National Equality March News: Lady Gaga Says Get Your A** To DC; Phelps Plans to Go, Too; New Promo Video Released

UPDATE: Joe.My.God gives advice on how to handle the Westboro Baptist Church nutters who plan on attending the march to counter protest.

Lady Gaga tells you, well, to go to the National Equality March in her own special way:

My friend Laura Kanter has done amazing work with the images in this video put to Julie Clark's song, "Courage of Our Convictions" which Julie will sing at the event.

And this should come as no surprise to anyone who's been to any major LGBT event - the infamous "God Hates F***s" pastor Fred Phelps plans on going to the National Equality March as well. However, I suspect for a different purpose than ours. Maybe you can get your picture taken with him to prove you were at the march!

Last but definitely not least, the amazing reporter Lisa Leff wrote a piece on the march for the AP:
A Democrat in the White House. Demands for sweeping civil rights protections. Religious opponents working to undo a string of state-based victories.

That was the backdrop in 1979 when gay rights activists staged their first national march in Washington. Thirty years later, with the landscape looking much the same, thousands of advocates are preparing to rally again in the nation's capital this weekend.

And they are demanding many of the same things: a bill to outlaw job discrimination based on gender, a law that would treat attacks on gays as federal hate crimes, and a presidential order allowing gays to serve openly in the military.
Read the rest of "30 years after gay march, activists head to DC."

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