Friday, October 9, 2009

Maine's Attorney General "Appalled" by Anti-Marriage Equality Ads

Maine's WMTW has ran a report on what will actually be taught in schools if the marriage equality bill LD1020 is not overturned. Maine Attorney General Janet Mills has received a request from State Education Commissioner Susan Gendron to review the law on school curriculum, and in the video below, AG Mills has a very clear response.

"I'm appalled at those ads as well," AG Mills says. "I have no reason to believe that a vote on Question One allowing the law to stand would dictate any change in the curriculum in Maine schools." (See the whole report.)

But as Louise at Pam's House Blend points out, the anti-marriage equality Yes on 1 campaign's Bob Emrich dismisses the attorney general.
Even the fact that Gendron requested an opinion on the controversial law proved controversial.

The Rev. Bob Emrich, a member of Stand for Marriage Maine's executive committee, noted that Mills testified in support of the bill to legalize same-sex marriage at a public hearing in April.

And, he said in a written statement, Gendron is a member of the administration of Gov. John Baldacci, who has supported same-sex marriage.

"Commissioner Gendron asking Attorney General Mills for an unbiased opinion on Question 1 smacks of a political stunt," Emrich said. "Hopefully, Attorney General Mills will not allow her department to be misused in such a manner."
Sorry Emrich, just because the attorney general has spoken before, with good reason, against your attempt to strip LGBT citizens of their rights, doesn't make her professional view of the law wrong. Have you considered that the reason she spoke out against your attempt to veto LD1020 is because it is contrary to Maine's law? And that YOU'RE LYING!

But who can blame Emrich? When you're caught in a lie, it's rather embarrassing. And he shouldn't bother repeating the refrain, "We're just talking about possible consequences of 'homosexual marriage.'"

You're full of it. Now shut up.

Get involved in Maine. Volunteer from home (or actually go there!) and donate. Vote NO on question 1.

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