Tuesday, May 5, 2009

YouTube: The BIG Fat Gay Anti-Hate Collab, Sesame Street & Marriage and Miss CA Spoofs

So many good videos, so little time . . .

Numerous great videos have been coming out lately at a speed that I cannot possibly keep up with. As result, to save time, I will post them all here.

Lazy but efficient. And once in awhile, we activists simply need some amusement and entertainment.

Video 1: Miss CA's PSA for Opposite Sex Marriage. Oh, and if you're drinking or eating anything - Stop! Or you'll spray your computer screen from laughing.

Video 2: Amazing video with over two dozen YouTubers collaborating. However, WARNING: does contain foul language. Wouldn't play it at work.

Video 3: The wisdom of children. If only the adults listened.

Video 4: Who says Los Angeles activists can't have fun? Another Oscar winner.

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