Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day of Decision - Are You Prepared to Respond to the Fate of Prop 8?

The tension behind how the CA Supreme Court will rule on Prop 8 is close to being overshadowed by when they will rule, if not more so. Whichever way they do rule, for or against us, we need to be prepared to respond.

The court only has until June 3rd to issue the ruling.

That's not very far away.

Lots of planning has been in the works since a national call for civil disobedience was issued for the day of the ruling. That is, if they rule against us. If the rule for us, the events will still take place, but in celebration and rallying.

But do you know when and where you need to be the day the decision comes down? Let me try and help.

Many actions and events are scheduled for the day of the ruling. Find out where by going to Day of Decision, scroll down and click on your state and city.

You can also go to the national Day of Decision Facebook Group Page.

(For you LA residents, check out and the Facebook Los Angeles Day of Decision page. Look into what's happening in East LA too.)

For people of faith, numerous services will be held on the Day of Decision. Be sure to check out the Day of Decision website and look in your area to see where they are being held.

To even further assist people of faith on Decision Day, California Faith For Equality has issued a Day of Decision Resource Kit (PDF) in anticipation of the ruling. The goal of this kit is to provide materials to faith leaders in order to minister to the LGBT community and its supporters, regardless of the Court's ruling. This important resource enables people of faith to alert Californians and the rest of the country that there is plenty of faith-based support for the freedom to marry.


The CA Supreme Court will give only 24 hours notice before the ruling. The following day, you'll be able to watch live on the Supreme Court website as they announce their decision. The moment they hand it down, you better book it, because these Day of Decision events will spring into action at lightning speed.

You'll want to know where you should be well beforehand.

The Saturday AFTER the ruling comes down, win or lose, everyone from all over the state will come together in solidarity in Fresno, CA, in the heart of Yes on 8 territory. Go to Meet in the Middle for more information.

Oh, and watch the video at the top of the blog.

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