Friday, May 8, 2009

Wal-Mart CEO Signs Petition Banning Gay Adoption

Crossposted with Queers United:

Mike Duke the CEO of Wal-Mart, the world's largest grocery retailer is in some hot water for his personal political actions in the state of Arkansas.

Over the weekend, the website revealed that Mike Duke signed a petition to put an anti-gay adoption ban on the ballot in Arkansas. (Mike Duke’s signature below was pulled off the actual PDF provided by the Secretary of State) (Wal-Mart Watch).

This is a further slap in the face to activists who have been demanding that Wal-Mart support its GLBT employees. But with leadership like this, it's hard to believe progress will be made.


Unite the Fight (UTF) reports primarily on marriage as stated in its mission statement. However, I believe a family can be defined in a variety of ways, from two individuals in a marriage, a single-parent home to a two-parent household, to name just a few. I feel family is an extension of marriage, and UTF will continue to report on the fight for LGBT adoption rights, which the conservative right-wing is beginning to strip away.


  1. Gay parenting is definitely the next stop on the Anti-gay Bigot Train. Read

  2. Yeah, I'm gearing up for it. Makes me so MAD to think about it. But I wonder - if DOMA is repealed and we end up having full marriage recognition, will they legally have a leg to stand on to take away our rights to adopt? Or even if only your state recognizes your marriage. Could they keep you from adopting? (Though I DON'T think being married should ever be a prerequisite to adopt.)

  3. Considering how fucked up walmart has been getting over the years...I aint surprised that a fundietard runs it.

    Just one more reason to switch to krogers.