Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maine Today, New Hampshire Tomorrow

Last week, New Hampshire's Senate passed the state's marriage equality bill but revised what the House had approved.

TOMORROW the New Hampshire House revisits the bill to vote on a concurrence with the Senate and is likely to endorse the revisions. WATCH IT LIVE HERE at 1pm EST/10am PST.

NEXT STEP for the bill - Governor John Lynch will need to sign it. Though mostly silent on what he plans to do, he has stated that believes the state's civil unions bill meets the rights of same-sex couples.

Just today, New Hampshire's Freedom to Marry released this ad urging New Hampshire residents to call the governor.

Bluehampshire.com is urging everyone to take action to fully counter the strong opposition to marriage equality by doing four things:
  1. Contact the House of Representatives and urge them to pass the bill.
  2. Attend the tomorrow's hearings if you're able.
  3. Make signs showing your support for marriage equality.
  4. Contact Gov. John Lynch and urge him to sign the bill.
Go to Bluehampshire.com for details.

On a bright note, a recent poll release by New Hampshire Freedom to Marry shows that a majority of New Hampshire voters support marriage for gays and lesbians. 55% were in support while 39% were opposed. 491 voters were polled from April 13-22.

Hopefully the House and Gov. Lynch will listen.

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