Monday, May 4, 2009

Shuster eviscerates NOM’s Brown

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In the info accompanying this video, News Politics News says:
MSNBC’s David Shuster & Brian Brown, Executive Director of the anti-gay-marriage National Organization For Marriage — hashed it out this afternoon, and unfortunately for Brown, Shuster pointed out that NOM has basically been in the business of bowdlerizing other people’s statements - 05/01/09
“Bowdlerizing.” That would be lying. Right? And, “hashed it out” would be something like: David Shuster ripped Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage a new one.

It’s clear that NOM’s idea of a debate is shouting people down or selectively editing manuscripts to fit their anti-GLBT agenda.

Love it when Shuster nails NOM’s fundamental hypocrisy:
Here’s the larger issue though. Most Americans can’t understand why you selectively go after certain parts of the Bible and not others. And that’s your prerogative if you want to go after certain parts it. But again, there’s no threat – the only way the gay or lesbian couple could be a threat to my marriage or yours is if you really fear that maybe somehow they’ll get involved in your marriage. I don’t fear that. Do you worry that maybe, I don’t know – somehow you’re attracted to the gay couple down the street and that will somehow effect your marriage?
For a spot-on refutation of Brown’s religious liberties consequences, see Rob Tisinai’s brilliant Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom.

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