Friday, May 1, 2009

Check Out UTF's Top 15 Posts for April

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  1. Erases 6 of 8 Promises to LGBT Community
  2. GLBT Executions in Iraq Have Begun
  3. The Tension Behind Bay Area Reporter's Story on Grassroots Growing Pains
  4. New Hampshire Senate Passes Marriage Equality Bill 13-11!
  5. Gay Iraqis Tortured, Killed Using Superglue to Close Anus
  6. Maine Senate Passes Marriage Equality Bill 20-15
  7. Pictures of Saturday's Martin Luther King Remembrance March
  8. Unite the Fight's Camp Courage Op-Ed
  9. Don't Watch This Ad by NOM if You Don't Want to Get Angry
  10. LGBT Rights Activists Demand an End to "Hyatt Hypocrisy"
  11. More Attempts to Undermine Iowa Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Fails
  12. VIDEO: Go to Meet in the Middle 4 Equality!
  13. Miss California USA to Do New Ad for "Gathering Storm" Producers
  14. Need a Ride to "Meet in the Middle"? A Place to Stay?
  15. 400 Gather at Iowa Capitol to Protest Same-Sex Marriage
Wow. Busy month. Historical times for marriage equality. Can't wait to see what May will bring.

What to look out for:
  • Maine's House of Representatives to vote on marriage equality the week of May 3rd.
  • New Hampshire's House of Reps. to vote on Senate amended marriage equality bill (should pass).
  • NH Gov. Lynch may or may not sign the marriage equality bill. Will he overcome NOM's constant pressure? Or listen to a majority of New Hampshire voters and their support for marriage equality?
  • California's Supreme Court ruling on the validity of Proposition 8 (expected to come soon).
  • Day of Decision events all across the nation in response to the CA Supreme Court ruling
  • Massive event, Meet in the Middle 4 Equality, brings all corners of California together that following Saturday to rally or celebrate the ruling. See video.
  • New York legislators vote on marriage equality bill.
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Keep posted for updates and news!

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