Monday, April 27, 2009

Congratulations! Wedding Bells in Iowa Today!

As a result of the state's Supreme Court ruling, today is the first day that same-sex couples in Iowa can go to their county clerk's office and apply for a marriage license, resulting in historic weddings later this week throughout the state.

Why later in the week? Most couples, after applying, will have to wait at least three days before the actual ceremony, until they get a judge to waive the waiting clause. So, some historical weddings can take place today.

If you wish to congratulate the happy couples, you can One Iowa's virtual guest book that will then be sent to the newlyweds!

Many benefits will be bestowed on the couples as a result of their marriage, including shared employer benefits, streamlined life and other insurance policies, and the ability for couples to make health care and end-of-life decisions for one another.

Unfortunately, as a result of DOMA, federal benefits will be denied, such as spouses in same-sex marriages may not be able to pay health care plan premiums with pretax federal dollars and may not get reimbursed for their spouse’s expenditures from flexible spending accounts for health care.

However, efforts are being made to at least repeal a portion of DOMA that restricts the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages in states where it is legal.

Here's to hope.

For a thorough look at today's celebration (and some opposition), check out Towleroad.

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