Tuesday, April 28, 2009

UPDATE: Rachel Maddow Interviews Pro-LGBT CA Governor Candidate Gavin Newsom

UPDATE: The deputy director of communications for San Francisco mayor clarified today Newsom's comments made on the Rachel Maddow Show. ""Mayor Newsom meant to say that Prop. 8 wouldn't pass today," Brian Purchia told Advocate.com in an e-mail. "If you listen to any of his follow-up answers after the initial question on Rachel Maddow, there is no doubt that he meant to say it wouldn't pass."
Gavin Newsom gives his first interview since announcing his run for governor of California with Rachel Maddow. In the interview, Newsom discusses the advances in Iowa on marriage equality but bemoans the flip-flopping of same-sex marriage, veto happy Schwarzenegger's. He believes if a vote was taken on Prop 8 today, there would be a better outcome.

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